Spectrum TV/Internet Discount Program

Your LCCPOA offers members a Spectrum TV/Internet Discount Program which currently provides 332 of our POA Members with huge savings on Cable TV and Internet Access. The program operates on an annual, calendar year, basis. The next enrollment period will be in October, 2020, which will cover the calendar year January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. The program requires an up-front payment for the yearly subscription, which is not cancellable or refundable.

The Package Includes

  • An expanded list of TV Channels (Click Here to View 2019 List).
  • 2 Set Top Converter Boxes (if needed) to provide HD TV.
  • Internet access with speeds up to 200 mbps. Modem included.
  • Telephone, cell phone, premium sports, premium movie channels or home security, may be added for an additional charge (billed monthly directly by Spectrum).

Cost for the previous two years has been $540 per year, which is $45 per month. At this time, we expect the cost to remain the same for 2021.

You MUST be an LCCPOA Member to participate.

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