Spectrum TV/Internet Discount Program

Your LCCPOA offers members a Spectrum TV/Internet Discount Program which currently provides more than 400 of our POA Members deep bulk discounts on Cable TV and Internet Access. The program operates on an annual, calendar year, basis.

The enrollment period for the 2023 Calendar Year Program will be in the Fall of 2022. The program requires an up-front payment for a yearly subscription, which is not cancellable or refundable. You will receive the renewal/enrollment form in your streetside mailbox in the Fall of 2022.

Click Here for an FAQ List sent to current participants.

The Package Includes

Current program cost is $45 per month (paid annually $540 per year.)

You MUST be an LCCPOA Member to participate.

New residents wishing immediate Spectrum service may contact Spectrum directly for service at prevailing Spectrum retail rates until the next January.

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